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You’ve Worked and Saved Throughout Your Life

Let us translate your resources into lasting financial security for you and your family.

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We’re Fairpoint Wealth Partners

Based in Rochester, NY, we work closely with individuals and families in our local community and beyond. Our team believes in taking a proactive approach to help you accomplish your goals, maintain your lifestyle into retirement, and prepare for a lifetime of financial health.

Here’s What We Do for You


Put a plan in place

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Guide you along your path


Oversee your finances


...And get you to the finish line

You Have a Vision for the Years Ahead, But Do Your Finances Know That?

Throughout our years managing the ins and outs of our clients’ finances, we’ve learned quite a bit about financial stress. Often, it stems from one thing: uncertainty. Will you have enough? Will you be able to set your kids up for success? Should you make any changes?

When it comes to your financial life, you deserve to know where you stand. This is why partnership defines our approach. We always begin by collaboratively designing a strategy specifically for your goals. Then, through an ongoing relationship, we regularly touch base with you about your progress and help you stay on track.

We’ll Oversee Your Investments and Financial Plan So You Can Live Your Life—with confidence

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